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#6918: Email: Prefix menu names with 'BuddyPress'
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Comment (by r-a-y):

 > There are also locale-specific concerns: certain languages are way
 longer than English (hello, German!) and will never fit in as concisely as
 our American English defaults are, and also -- this might be a UK-specific
 thing -- but we share "BP" with certain other organisations

 Good point.  Might be better to use the full project name then?

 > What about plugins that add admin menus called "Activity" or "Groups"?
 This is a rabbit hole. At least all the BP wp-admin nav menu items are
 grouped together.

 Yeah, I was thinking about this myself regarding "Activity" and "Groups".

 I think with "Emails" though there is more of a chance of a conflict and
 general confusion.

 eg. Did my favorite email plugin (WP blog email subscription, contact
 form) just add an "Emails" menu?  Why are there two "Emails" menus?

 Here are a few examples of plugins using "Emails" or "Email" from wp.org:




 #6827 might help as well to some extent.

 I guess it is probably better not to change the menu name for consistency
 with the existing "Activity" and "Groups" menu names.


 > I agree to add Emails > Customize menu.


 > I don't feel strongly about the Customizer panel label. In a perfect
 world, no-one sees it, I'm not sure what the benefit is, but we can make
 the change if you think it is better.


 > Likewise, if you want to change the page title text on
 edit.php?post_type=bp-email, because that's where people probably will
 click first to explore the interface. I begin to worry a little about the
 inconsistencies but we can always adjust in the future based on feedback
 or testing.

 I would be happy enough with these changes for v2.5.

 Would be great to hear what others think as well.

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