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#6918: Email: Prefix menu names with 'BuddyPress'
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 Priority:  normal                    |   Milestone:  2.5
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 We shouldn't use the acronym of our project for labelling the user

 There are also locale-specific concerns: certain languages are way longer
 than English (hello, German!) and will  never fit in as concisely as our
 American English defaults are, and also -- this might be a UK-specific
 thing -- but we share "BP" with certain other organisations who might not
 be as warmly-received as BuddyPress is, and I think we'd annoy people. In
 fact, at the UK's BuddyCamp last year, we did not use the letters "BP" on
 anything for that precise reason (we'd have been thrown in the sea, at

 > In cases where other email plugins might have a similar admin menu name
 of "Emails"

 What about plugins that add admin menus called "Activity" or "Groups"?
 This is a rabbit hole. At least all the BP wp-admin nav menu items are
 grouped together.

 Looking at the patch:

 * I strongly disagree with prefixing menu names or the add/edit text with
 BP or BuddyPress. I think it's unnecessary unless there is evidence to
 back this up (user testing the email interface after 2.5 ships for 2.6
 improvements might be an interesting idea) .

 * I agree to add `Emails > Customize` menu. I hadn't done that because I
 thought people knew the Customizer lives under the `Appearance` menu but
 (as per recent Slack chat) as a couple of you hadn't discovered that, that
 means lots of other people won't either. Great feedback!
 * I don't feel strongly about the Customizer panel label. In a perfect
 world, no-one sees it, I'm not sure what the benefit is, but we can make
 the change if you think it is better.
 * Likewise, if you want to change the page title text on
 `edit.php?post_type=bp-email`, because that's where people probably will
 click first to explore the interface. I begin to worry a little about the
 inconsistencies but we can always adjust in the future based on feedback
 or testing.

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