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#6896: Improve BP Emails templating
 Reporter:  imath                        |       Owner:
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Comment (by DJPaul):

 You're the third person to suggest the template should have a site logo --
 @timersys and @hnla beat you to it, and I thought about it during original
 development. Your plugin idea is the first idea i've seen that suggests
 using the Site Icon (which WP recommends to NOT use for a large site logo)
 as a small logo near the email title, that's pretty interesting.

 I wanted to keep the first version of the template as simple as possible
 and see what feedback we get. It is easier to add stuff than remove it. :)

 >  All other template parts are using template tags including filter

 Yes... but those all use a template loop, and the email doesn't. Rather
 than filter the site name, how about we add actions before/after it, and
 also in other sections of the email? Like the rest of BuddyPress'

 I agree with your idea to add a function for the email salutation, though.

 > Not including the css means we haven't thought of supporting the refresh
 transport method for a customizer setting.

 Well, that's true. I didn't bother to test that during original
 development. :) Out of interest, do you know why doesn't WordPress have a
 generic style here? Are we not loading something that's normally loaded in
 the normal Customizer?

 If you say we need new styles, OK, but those styles need to be in a new
 CSS sheet, not hardcoded into the email template, because they are for the
 Customiser, not the email. Hook the enqueue to the `wp_footer` action and
 it should work (though we'll need to check if we're in the Customiser,

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