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#6871: Accessibility: Update Heading Structure in Template Files
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Comment (by hnla):

 >so that we can get a sense of just what might "break"
 How on earth can you judge what may break, you can't you are essentially
 saying change an element to another one altogether, it's impossible to
 know what styling might be hooked to any given element, adding elements is
 one thing or classes, actually changing an existing element is potentially
 problematic, but the point in templates probably overloaded if deep
 customizing performed is as always a fair one.

 In respect of document outline it also needs to be remembered that BP does
 not 'OWN' the document, we do not describe the DOM whatsoever we inject
 content into a DOM structure that again we can't be sure about, so best we
 can do is match to WP default themes but in other themes we may encounter
 different heading levels, however that's less a concern as we do use
 headings and those should take into account  themes where possible ( if WP
 default themes change  that though outside our #buddypress namespace we're
 a bit stuffed but it's out of our control, so take a best fit view)

 >we become paralyzed in bp-legacy,...

 There comes a point where you can't avoid that, bp-legacy should be
 retired, you can't or shouldn't consider these templates as viable for
 much longer.

 >I've asked @mercime to break out each specific change, with before and
 after screenshots in a couple of the twenty* themes,...

 Ok must have missed that discussion.

 I am not against the notion here, but we are talking about expending
 energy attempting to shore up something that is suboptimal and  to put it
 crudely attempting to make a silk purse out of a sows ear :) (a bit
 extreme & a little unfair but illustrates a point) I would love to see
 this energy put towards something we can actually lovingly craft.

 >So, I encourage us not to dismiss out of hand the entire project of
 fixing header hierarchy in bp-legacy

 I'm not  for one minute attempting to dismiss out of hand, if it feels
 like that then please ignore my remarks, go ahead and make the changes the
 consequences will likely not be dire as you point out Boone.

 @mercime when you change these elements please add classes too if lacking,
 in the CMS pre-factored markup paradigm all elements need classes really
 so styling is always hooked to a class rather than the element itself.

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