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#6871: Accessibility: Update Heading Structure in Template Files
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 @hnla We all have been harping on about new template files for years. If
 we keep pushing all improvements until the day we manage to eke them out,
 it does two things: (1) we become paralyzed in bp-legacy, so that no
 improvements at all are made to the front-end BP experience, and (2) the
 job of creating a new template pack encompasses so many tasks that it
 makes it even more likely that it'll never be done.

 We have made numerous changes to bp-legacy over the past couple years. In
 each case, we should weigh the potential for broken
 appearance/customization against the potential benefit. In this case,
 @mercime has nicely outlined the accessibility benefits.

 I've asked @mercime to break out each specific change, with before and
 after screenshots in a couple of the twenty* themes, so that we can get a
 sense of just what might "break". On a screen like Group > Manage >
 Members, it is, IMO, highly unlikely that many people have done in-depth
 customizations. And in cases where they have, it's likely that they are
 overriding the template, in which case the point is moot. And even if the
 appearance does change a bit, it's unlikely that anyone will notice on
 such a rarely used page (especially if the change is for the better).

 So, I encourage us not to dismiss out of hand the entire project of fixing
 header hierarchy in bp-legacy. I feel very confident that many or most of
 the changes proposed by @mercime are workable. It's a decision we need to
 make on a case-by-case basis.

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