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#6286: Directories filtered by member roles
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Replying to [comment:5 boonebgorges]:
 > Having the same content available at multiple URLs is not good practice,
 for SEO

 Actually declaring canonical URLs ensures that the multiple URLs create no
 issues at all for SEO.

 > So if user 'boone' had member types 'foo' and 'bar', you would want
 `/foo/boone/` to resolve to `/bar/boone/`, or the other way around. But

 Neither. I wouldn't want either to resolve to either. I's want both to
 show the same content (except for the page title, and breadcrumb, which
 would be different). Please refer to my [#6286?replyto=5#comment:4
 comment] above regarding how OpenCart handles this.

 > And what do you do when a user changes user type? Do you redirect or
 show 404s?

 Again, neither. My idea is rather simplistic yet radical, so please do
 read fully and mull over it rather than reject out of hand. My idea is
 that `/foo/boone/` and `/bar/boone/` should always show the content,
 irrespective of whether `boone` is a member of `foo` or `bar`. It's just
 that `boone` will never show up in the directory of `foo` and `bar` if
 `boone` is not a member of these types.

 > what do we do if they also have a page 'foo', or a post called 'foo'
 with permalink structure `/%pagename%/`?

 I guess for all permalink slugs we always check whether the slug exists
 for that post type. We'll probably need to extend that.

 In WordPress, this issue actually exists in the form of tag/category/post
 name...there can be some confusion on occasion...

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