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#6286: Directories filtered by member roles
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 Here is what I think:

 > Should we prefer URLs like /members/foo/ or just /foo/? /foo/ is going
 to require a different kind of page-routing logic, because it's top-level.
 /members/foo/ is going to require that we check for username conflicts.

 I'm for /members/member_type. I believe is clear, less work and goes with
 the current schema of BuddyPress.


 > If we go with /foo/, the natural thing would be to have user pages at
 /foo/username/, but this is going to raise all sorts of other problems.
 Maybe at first, best to stick with /members/username/ for individual user



 > It may be easier, at a first pass, to implement with a querystring:
 /members/?member_type=foo. And in fact, in light of potential movement to
 rewrites, it might be best to do this under the hood in any case. That is,
 /members/foo/ would translate behind the scenes to
 /members/?member_type=foo - maybe we could even use a WP_Query query var
 for it, even though we're not using rewrite rules elsewhere.

 I'm for the /member/foo/ approach. I'm aware that some rewrite work is
 being done but if we consider the work of changing in the future, my guess
 is that there are other places where changes will be needed as well.


 > Presumably this will be toggleable with a bp_register_member_type()
 argument. WP has has_archive. We could do the same. Or perhaps
 has_directory? I suppose this would take a boolean false to disable, a
 boolean true to have the slug default to the member_type string, or a
 string to use a custom slug.

 I think that's a great idea.


 > What effect does this have on menu navigation? Perhaps, by default, we
 should have a dropdown/flyout underneath Members that shows each member

 Yes, a dropdown would be best here.


 > Ideally we would have nice in-page navigation - maybe AJAX powered? - to
 filter by member type when looking at a directory. Perhaps this is best
 left for another ticket, though.

 Agree! But yes, something ajax powered.

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