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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by Offereins):

 @boonebgorges Thank you for your kind words and your clear response.
 Keeping it to applicability for now, is fine with me. I'm all for the
 metabox direction, as I've done in my plugin.

 Could you elaborate on the foreseen issues with applying this to both
 fields and fieldgroups? Because I can see great value in it being
 implemented for both, and my implementation with groups didn't see
 much/any trouble.

 Your first two bullets touch a decision we have to make on what the best
 user experience would be, I think:
 1. selecting member types that the field applies to
 2. selecting member types that the field does not apply to
 3. per-member-type selecting how the field applies (either ''optional'',
 ''required'' or ''disabled'')
 My personal preference goes to option 1, since I imagine fields are more
 often specific to one member type than to all-but-one. Additionally I'm
 having difficulties finding a use case where a field would be required for
 one member type, but optional for another. Note that my plugin wasn't user
 tested, so I couldn't really tell which road would be best for an
 implementation in core.

 @ Bullet 3: sure!

 Concerning your fourth bullet, going beyond my experience, so thinking out
 loud: either 1) paged registration, 2) AJAX, 3) conditionally showing a
 member type's field(groups) with CSS: field containers would have a
 `member-type-{all/$type}` class and JS would listen for a selected member
 type, then switch the page's `<body>` member-type parent class.

 I hope these are some constructive thoughts.

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