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#5192: User roles with differents profile fields
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Offereins - Thanks so much for chiming in. I didn't know about your
 plugin, and it looks like there is indeed some conceptual overlap. (Plugin
 code looks great, btw.)

 First off, I wasn't envisioning any "visibility" implications for this
 first revision. I can certainly imagine a future enhancement that would
 allow member types to appear in visibility levels, but I don't think this
 ticket depends on it. I was imagining it purely in terms of

 Another conceptual difference I'd imagined is that I'd been imagining this
 to be a per-field setting, instead of per-group. I think we'd need to go
 with one or the other - trying to mix the two seems like it would cause
 weird issues.

 At a very basic level, I'd imagined the following:
 - When creating/editing a profile field in the Dashboard, admins would
 have a Member Type metabox. It'd be nice to have three-way toggles for
 each member type: 'Required', 'Optional', 'Disabled', or something like
 that. In this way, maybe it would replace the current "required" field.
 - Perhaps a simpler (though less flexible) implementation would be a "Hide
 from Member Types" metabox, with simple toggles for each member type.
 - Then we filter fields on the front end, in Edit mode. Similar in concept
 to your `filter_fieldgroups()`, though we could do it directly in the
 class instead of unsetting inside of a filter callback.
 - Ideally, we'd also interface with the registration process. This is
 perhaps too big a task. It'd mean providing a member type selector at
 registration, and then dynamically showing the proper xprofile fields
 based on the member type selected.

 I'd value your thoughts on the above, given your experience building and
 using bp-xprofile-for-user-groups.

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