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#3590: Who's online widget quick to show me not online.
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > The filter decision is suppost to be "either the user is logged in or he
 is logged-out". Right?

 No. For two reasons. One: people can log into WP and stay logged in for a
 long time - think of the "Remember Me" checkbox on wp-login.php. Two:
 Logged-in status is stored in a browser cookie with an expiration date,
 and is *not* stored on the server. When a browser makes a page request, we
 know whether the requester is logged in or not. At all other times, BP
 does not have any idea at all who is and is not logged in. (We could,
 theoretically, keep track of who logs in and who logs out, but this would
 not account for expiring or deleted cookies, which are undetectable by the
 server.) Because of this, "who's online", when understood as "who has
 logged in but has not logged out" is not only technically infeasible, but
 is also not very informative - this could cover a huge number of a site's

 Your idea for an auto-refreshing Who's Online widget is not a bad idea
 (though I'd want to do it on a more granular basis). But, again, it really
 can't be based on "logged in" status as you're understanding it.

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