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#3590: Who's online widget quick to show me not online.
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Comment (by tomlandon_author):

 Dear boonebgorges, thanks a lot for replying - over all for your great
 work. Well, a user is registered to be online, as long as he does not
 click the LOGOUT-LINK (="offline"). The filter decision is suppost to be
 "either the user is logged in or he is logged-out". Right? After logging-
 in the BuddyPress widget "users online" simply would have to filter, if
 there are LOGGED-IN users to be shown. Of course the logged-out users do
 not have to be exposed.

 So: "LAST ACTIVE" is not really important for that case/issue. Let us
 think about the BP plug-in "RS Buddypress Activity Refresh". It does
 nearly the same: Simply seeking for new posts and showing them in the BP

 If it could be included to search the BP database for CURRENTLY LOGGED-IN
 USERS in a frequency, that is adjustable in the ADMIN SECTION, it would be
 perfect. Even, if the time value (in ms) for the time being could be set
 by editing the code it would be great.

 Maybe something like that would do it:

 <script type="text/javascript">
 function WidgetRefresh() {
 $("#bpwidgetrefr").load(location.href+" #bpwidgetrefr>*","");
 setInterval(function() {
 }, 50000);

 But: I really don't know, if this would cause errors due to existence of
 other JS.

 Thanks again for answering.



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