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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by Bowromir):

 I think this is a very interesting direction for the "Sites" component and
 I agree that making Sites more discoverable is something that would be
 important for lots of community. The thing I'm not so sure of is giving
 each site it's own "Profile" by default. My reasoning is that I feel
 having something like this in core is a bit too much for a standard
 BuddyPress community and has the potential to make the already fairly
 complicated distinctions between components and streams of communication
 more complicated. Especially how "Sites" would be perceived very similar
 to "Groups" (Like R-A-Y said).

 I do see the usefulness of giving certain "Sites" their own Group (or
 extended functionality). But imo this could be achieved by ticket #4017
 which would open the possibility to create different Group Types and would
 let a site admin create something more akin to Facebook where you have
 "Discussion Groups" and "Sites/Pages". Then by integrating "Sites" more
 closely with "Groups" (as proposed) it would set the stage for this type
 of functionality without having to create a new component similar to

 Of course this is quite far away, but I feel this would give site owners
 the choice to give Sites a lot more features by simply making it a Group
 Type and optionally link one of their "Sites" to a new group. In theory it
 could then work like this:

 - Group type "Sites" would have it's own directory page only listing
 groups with Group Type "Sites"
 - "Create Group" button would be turned into "Add My Site".
 - When you click "Add My Site" you see a radio button with your own
 created sites and you click the one you would want to link t a new Group.
 - The setup would skip a fair amount of Group Creation steps and would
 only present the Group Avatar and Invite screens.
 - Once the Site Group is created it would look very similar to Matthieu
 his screenshot (Activity / Members /
 - Using a filter you could turn "Join Group" into "Follow Site /
 Subscribe" to receive updates from this site.

 - You could open up the door to let a Site Admin enable additional Group
 extensions (forums, docs etc) for their site.
 - You could allow the possibility to add an RSS feed to an site to allow
 "External Sites". This could probably be added at the "Add My Site"
 creation step.

 Like I said this is very very far away but it might make a lot of sense
 for communities that would like to create a community with a lot of focus
 on external and internal websites by their members. The point I'm making
 is that you could probably create something like this when the Group
 taxonomies (types) are working.

 I have some ideas of what we could do with the "Sites" component to make
 it a bit better, but I'll post those ideas in a separate comment :-)

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