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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Pretty cool, imath! I built something similar for a client once.

 What you've created here is essentially a "profile" for WordPress sites. I
 like the idea of having a sort of heads-up view of each individual site
 that is formatted in an identical way: while the sites themselves may have
 very different themes and information architectures, the site profile
 pages will always look the same. (This is, in fact, the very problem that
 my client was trying to solve.) The flip side is that it creates an extra
 layer of abstraction, which means one more level of clicking for users who
 want to browse through and visit sites.

 Regarding the groupblog stuff: I don't think what you've proposed here is
 in conflict with the groupblog suggestion. Group-blog connections would be
 optional, and blogs would still be standalone items. The group-blog
 connection would be used for things like sharing activity and membership.

 I don't know what I think about including all of this in core. It's a
 pretty big change from what we currently have. I'm not positive that you
 have solved the problems you've laid out in the ticket description, but
 certainly this could be the framework for doing things like blog
 taxonomies that *would* enable better discoverability, etc. I hope you
 continue to work on the plugin, and maybe we can think about what it would
 look like as a core feature as you continue to build it out. Thanks for

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