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#6026: And if the Blogs component had Single items?
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Comment (by imath):

 Replying to [comment:1 r-a-y]:
 Thanks a lot for your feedback r-a-y :)

 > My only concern is the duplicate feature set of blogs vs. groups.
 Especially if we are talking about merging groupblog functionality into
 groups.  That being said, I can definitely see a use-case for your plugin
 on specific BP installs!

 Yeah, i was afraid team was to merge Groupblog with core in order to
 manage Blogs features. Maybe i'm getting old, but the more i think about
 it, the more i think it might not be the best way for the Blogs component.
 If Blogs functionalities are in Groups, then what is the need of a sites
 directory ? In the groups directory we'll have bloggroups and regular
 groups, i find it a bit confusing. It looks like a dark destiny for this
 component if there's no new features. Finally blogs are blogs, groups are
 groups ;) But i'm ok with whatever team will choose. That's the reason
 i've built this plugin, to suggest an alternative.

 > I think if we are to allow a blog single item page, we should remove the
 activity post form as that will generate UX confusion.  There also needs
 to be a link to the blog itself.

 Actually i'm leaving the choice to the Blog administrator. He can restrict
 the post form to him in order to be the only one to inform his subscriber
 of quick updates ;) I've added the link to the blog itself in the header.
 Very good point, thank you.


 By default, the home page is the activity one, if the activity component
 is not active, it's the members one. But if the Site's admin added widgets
 in the specific sidebar, then it's the custom widget front that is loaded.
 Activity and members are in tabs in this case.

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