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#5513: Bulk Notifications Management
 Reporter:  colabsadmin    |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement    |      Status:  reopened
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  2.2
Component:  Notifications  |     Version:  2.0
 Severity:  normal         |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  needs-patch    |

Comment (by lakrisgubben):

 Replying to [comment:34 hnla]:
 > Not in disagreement - the generic ruleset was intended to pick up on any
 disabled attr so that elements didn't necessarily need a class or if a
 class was overlooked we would pick up on and style, so if we could keep
 that approach it wouldn't be a bad thing - the styles on that were simply
 to provide a visual clue to an element being disabled so adding opacity to
 'grey' the element out and adjust it's cursor ( I accept that the cursor
 may not be to everyone's taste)
 I think we should keep the generic disabled=disabled styling, only
 question is if inputs that look like buttons should also get the same
 styling as .disabled buttons. Though I must say I think the cursor: not-
 allowed is a bit much for my taste. I'd vote for cursor: default.

 > We need one review just to establish whether the grouped selectors on
 all those various possible button/element classes are indeed required
 (problem with them is it's easy to lose track of whether they are needed
 or just double up)
 After a quick search through trunk I can't actually find any place where
 we use either the .pending or the .disabled class except for in the css as
 well as one check in the js to disable stuff with .pending. But this might
 be good to have some second eyes on. :)

 > As for the string 'Select Bulk Action' did Boone approve of that or feel
 it was unnecessary we'll be led by him on that one and for consistency
 with other labels/strings.
 That was how I interpreted it, that he just didn't like the plural...

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