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#5621: Remove buddypress.pot from develop repo
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:5 boonebgorges]:
 > On balance, netweb's suggestions seem right to me. I don't see much
 benefit in including the .pot in our development branch. It kinda messes
 with changelogs. The people most likely to be affected are those who like
 to run trunk in a live environment in language other than English. They
 would need to write a script to periodically grab the latest from
 plugins.svn.wordpress.org. (Translators themselves are not using our svn
 repo anyway.)
 Not so, since I created the Australian Translation of WordPress,
 BuddyPress and bbPress around half of my installs are set to en_AU. Not
 having the .pot file is not an issue, we don't need the .pot file.

 Also now that automatic translations are flowing via automatic updates
 (Woot @nacin) (some tweaks are needed when running on /trunk for the /dev
 translations) things are pretty good in this area and will only get

 If an issue does arise I will be certain to raise it.
 > This move adds a bit of overhead for the BP core team. We have to come
 up with a system for periodically ensuring that
 `plugins.svn.wordpress.org/buddypress/trunk/buddypress.pot` is bumped up
 to date. That said, we should talk to translators. If it turns out that
 most wait until beta anyway, then maybe we don't need any separate
 periodic syncs.

 Taking one overhead away (no need to commit the .pot by devs) and 'maybe'
 adding another, wouldn't/shouldn't this already be a task for BP dev's
 anyway for those running /trunk via the plugins.svn.wordpress.org repo?
 ''(Like bbPress stats on the amount of people running /trunk from either
 repo I have no idea)''

 I haven't dug through the available GitHub hooks available to be used
 though if there is one to available (or a Trac SVN plugin) there might be
 a way to automate this if the Travis build passes then publish to /trunk
 on the plugins repo. I can't see a way to do this directly with Travis CI
 without comprising BP's security credentials for plugins.svn.wordpress.org

 A side benefit of the en_AU translation is I keep en_AU pretty much at
 100% for all the GlotPress projects, I will typically once a week drop by
 to update any translations, apart from us Aussies the Korean translation
 team is the only other who are keeping frequent translation updates,
 though I am not forgetting fr_FR for BuddyPress.
 ''(kind of broad generalisations/assumptions here but I do notice who
 is/isn't keeping /dev branches up to date)''

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