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#5621: Remove buddypress.pot from develop repo
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 > I don't think generating the POT on every main Grunt task is a good
 idea, because it's not very fast

 Takes one or two seconds on my machines. This doesn't seem like a deciding
 factor in either direction.

 On balance, netweb's suggestions seem right to me. I don't see much
 benefit in including the .pot in our development branch. It kinda messes
 with changelogs. The people most likely to be affected are those who like
 to run trunk in a live environment in language other than English. They
 would need to write a script to periodically grab the latest from
 plugins.svn.wordpress.org. (Translators themselves are not using our svn
 repo anyway.)

 This move adds a bit of overhead for the BP core team. We have to come up
 with a system for periodically ensuring that
 `plugins.svn.wordpress.org/buddypress/trunk/buddypress.pot` is bumped up
 to date. That said, we should talk to translators. If it turns out that
 most wait until beta anyway, then maybe we don't need any separate
 periodic syncs.

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