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#5160: Use gruntjs to generate minified versions of the js and css files
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Comment (by netweb):

 ''Below is an extract of my original reply I was going to submit before I
 realized what I wrote above in the previous comment.

 I'm adding it as a personal opinion on how I see and use the build tools
 included in WordPress and bbPress.

 (I have removed anything pertaining to the code changes I had previously


 Replying to [comment:49 DJPaul]:

 > Consistency with WordPress' Grunt process is a stronger argument than
 being consistent with bbPress', as bbPress' adoption of Grunt is still
 pretty new and will likely be iterated on as better ways of working are
 discovered. We shouldn't hold some idea that it's important for our build
 scripts to be 100% identical with our sister projects'; we can't let that
 stop us from adopting changes that work best for BuddyPress.

 Indeed they do not need to be identical and both should use the tools that
 best fit the needs of each project, that said, they need to be compatable,
 maybe complementary is a better term. Developing with bbPress and
 BuddyPress at the same is often needed by both projects. bbPress needs to
 ensure our BuddyPress integrations do not break and BuddyPress needs to
 ensure the bbPress forum implementation does not break.

 Both bbPress and BuddyPress inherit initiatives from WordPress upstream
 such as Trac updates, inline docs, coding standards, contributing
 guidelines and this new build setup I don't see as any different,
 compatability, interoprability and consistency upstream is extremely
 important. bbPress' Grunt process is quite similar to WordPress' and I
 would go one step further and say 'in sync' for the most part, if I see
 improvements to be made I look to implement the changes in both bbPress
 and WordPress and that now would also extend to BuddyPress.

 Dogfooding is the approach I have taken with both WordPress and bbPress
 'develop' repo's. I see three components to the these Grunt powered repos.

 1. A folder which contains the core source files
 2. A folder which contains compiled source files
 3. A process to create a full release of the package for distribution.

 Those descriptions above I purposefully left out the term 'build' as I see
 primarily the two tasks `grunt build` and `grunt build-release` as
 significantly serving two vastly different purposes. The later `grunt
 build-release` runs all the grunt tasks needed to copy, minify, RTL,
 makepot, validate and unit test to facilitate the creation of a complete
 release to be deployed to the WordPress plugin SVN repo.

 The former `grunt build`, I don't see this as a tool to generate a
 'release build', I see this as a tool to create a full working copy of the
 source with compiled assets that I use for primary development of bbPress
 (and WordPress). What this allows me to do is in the true spirit of
 dogfooding is to use the identical same package end users will use once
 released. I can set (or unset) `define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true );` in `wp-
 config.php` as needed allowing for easy debugging of non minified CSS or
 JS assets, full RTL CSS is also available when testing with the RTL plugin
 tester for example.

 * All of my WordPress 'trunk' installs use the `/build` folder as the
 documentroot/webroot, without it many asset types are not available such
 as MP6 themes
 * All of my bbPress development uses the `/build` folder as the plugin
 root, again, without the built project compiled MP6 themes are unavailable
 * The `/src` folder is used for all code changes with most changes
 deployed to the `/build` folder live using `grunt watch` or in bulk with
 `grunt build`

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