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#5160: Use gruntjs to generate minified versions of the js and css files
 Reporter:  enej         |       Owner:  johnjamesjacoby
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Comment (by netweb):

 Replying to [comment:54 johnjamesjacoby]:
 > The `build` directory is no longer created when running `grunt` or
 `grunt build`. Is this on purpose?
 I found the same thing, albeit after I submitted the above patches ;)

 I had 'assumed' it would use the `/build` folder to 'load' similar to
 WordPress and bbPress implementations, thus 95% of what I submitted above
 was based on that assumption.

 It wasn't until late this afternoon I realized this and the implementation
 here is for BuddyPress is to use the `/src` folder by default to load
 BuddyPress as the 'normal' workflow when developing for BuddyPress.

 I presume the only time BuddyPress would load the plugin via `/build`
 would be to test for an upcoming release.

 WordPress and bbPress need to load via `/build` folder as 'we' have assets
 that are compiled by the build tools that are needed to load the full
 WordPress/bbPress package. Loading via the `/src` folder is not possible
 because primarily of our SCSS assets needing to be compiled to CSS.

 BuddyPress does not currently contain any 'assets' that must be compiled
 by the new build tools that would cause any issues to arise from running
 the plugin via `/src`, WordPress and bbPress can not do this and maintain
 100% functionality.

 > For the sanity of contributors to both projects, we should keep these
 processes as close as possible. Any changes that work for BuddyPress
 should ideally be implemented for bbPress. Something about a goose and a
 gander here.

 Per the above, unless WordPress and bbPress commit code compiled by the
 build tools (SCSS, RTL, minified files etc) back to `/src`, WordPress and
 bbPress cannot maintain 100% functionality loading via `/src`.

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