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Tue May 6 05:58:35 UTC 2014

#5621: Remove buddypress.pot from develop repo
 Reporter:  netweb       |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
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 Severity:  normal       |   Keywords:
 via DJPaul ticket:5160#comment49
 * AFAIK, we haven't turned off potbot yet.
 * We shouldn't remove the bp-languages folder until that's done, because
 otherwise it might break things.
 * bp_core_load_buddypress_textdomain() also needs updating.
 * I don't think generating the POT on every main Grunt task is a good
 idea, because it's not very fast -- plus those changes aren't included in
 this patch?
 * Switching the CWD from SOURCE to BUILD will cause trunk to not contain
 any POT file which will break * GlotPress (the build folder is not being
 added to trunk).
 * From this patch, I think the idea to update the headers and move the POT
 to the root of src is great. * Everything else, not so sure yet. :)

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