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#5457: Improvements to friends_get_friend_user_ids()
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 Thanks for doing due diligence on whether the `$assoc_arr` argument is
 used anywhere. However, even though you didn't find any instances of its
 being used in public, I'd wager that someone somewhere is using it for
 some odd reason. Since it's trivial to maintain backward compatibility in
 this case (by shifting `$get_all` to the fourth param slot), let's do it.
 Throw a _deprecated_argument() notice if you'd like.

 The other changes look good to me. Feel free to commit the tests for
 existing functionality before you do the rest of the patch.

 (Side note - in the long run, it'd be nice to migrate these one-offs to
 central query classes. Maybe a `BP_Friend_Query extends BP_User_Query`.
 Caching etc become much easier. But that's an issue for another ticket.)

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