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#5457: Improvements to friends_get_friend_user_ids()
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 The `friends_get_friend_user_ids()` function gets the user IDs that a user
 is friends with.

 There are two extra parameters - `$friend_requests_only` and `$assoc_arr`.

 If `$friend_requests_only` is set to true, only user IDs that initiated
 the friendship request are returned.  However, currently this grabs
 pending friendships (`is_confirmed = 0`).  It would be useful if we could
 also grab confirmed friendships as well by omitting the `is_confirmed = 0`

 If `$assoc_arr` is set to true, then an associated array like:

         array( 'user_id' => x ),
         array( 'user_id' => x ),

 is returned.  This isn't very useful and isn't used within the internal
 codebase of BuddyPress.  I also checked the WP.org repo and no plugin
 appears to be using this functionality.

 Therefore, the attached patch removes the `$assoc_arr` argument and
 replaces it with `$get_all`, which allows us to grab all friendships
 regardless of pending or confirmed status.

 Attached patch also changes how user IDs are fetched.  If
 `$friend_requests_only` is set to true, we only need to select the
 `initiator_user_id` column and avoids having to select two columns and do
 a foreach loop.

 Wanted to get something up on Trac before I forget to post about it.

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