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#5197: Access Member Profiles from the Admin Backend
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Comment (by boonebgorges):

 This is a cool idea.

 My wish for the long term is for us to have a truly robust way for admin
 to manage BP member data in the dashboard, similar to our Groups and
 Activity panels. However, this is going to be complicated, because of
 potential confusion with the existing Users panel created by WordPress.

 So, in the meantime, I think that the current idea - adding xprofile
 fields to user-edit.php - is a good idea.

 > Use the "show_user_profile" hook to add this fields. and
 "edit_user_profile_update" hook to save the data with bp_update_user_meta
 but not as user meta data.

 This sounds right. I imagine we wouldn't need to duplicate too much code;
 we could probably use existing templates for this (profile-loop.php).

 I'm not convinced that the conflicts you suggest are such a big deal. Your
 plugin for WooCommerce is the only plugin I've ever heard of that does
 this kind of syncing. So it might be a non-issue in most cases. Even so,
 what's the danger here? If you have two-way sync built into your plugin,
 then updating one of the sets of duplicate fields would simply force a
 sync to the other one. And if you're worried about confusing your users
 with having duplicate fields, then your plugin could select to hide
 certain fields from this page. (We could offer an 'exclude' array for BP
 fields on this page, and allow plugins to add their fields to that array.)

 I'm curious to hear what other developers think about the general idea.

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