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#5197: Access Member Profiles from the Admin Backend
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 As an admin of a WordPress install I can access all user data from the
 backend under User/All User/Edit User.

 But to access the BuddyPress Member Profile Data I need to switch the user
 to the user I want to edit and then go to the Frontend Member Profile to
 make my changes.

 The idea on the contributors day @WCEU was to add the BuddyPress Profile
 Fields below the WordPress user profile fields in the backend.

 Use the "show_user_profile" hook to add this fields.  and
 "edit_user_profile_update" hook to save the data with bp_update_user_meta
 but not as user meta data.

 After more deeply thinking about this topic and doing some testing, I
 think this can cause conflicts in some cases.

 An example of many others could be WooCommerce.

 The Shipping Address fields are stored as user meta data.

 I wrote a plugin to sync woocommerce user meta data with buddypress
 xprofile fields and make all woocommerce relevant user meta data available
 in your BuddyPress Profiles.

 In this situation, the WooCommerce Shipping address would be displayed
 twice in the User Profiles in the Backend if we just add all BuddyPress
 xprofile fields to the WordPress user profiles.

 We could add a check if the field exists and only add it if not, I do not
 know if this could cause other conflicts.

 Another idea could be to sync all user meta data with buddypress and
 created xprofile fields from user meta and vice versa.

 There could be a check box in the buddypress admin “Keep my WordPress user
 data and BuddyPress xprofile data synced”.

 In this case all the sync code in other plugins could be removed. But
 again, I don’t know if this is a good idea.

 I think I need some thoughts from other developers before I start writing

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