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#5246: Add blog_id to activities
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 This is already possible. A query like this will get you blog-related
 activity from a specific site:

 $args = array
     'component' => buddypress()->blogs->id,
     'item_id' => $blog_id,
 if ( bp_has_activities( $args ) ) { // ...

 In other words: for 'blogs' activity items, 'item_id' is set to the ID of
 the blog.

 We do this instead of a dedicated `blog_id` activity column because the
 activity column is meant to be abstract and flexible. The majority BP
 activity items do *not* need a blog_id (just like the majority do not need
 group IDs), so we have generic item_id and secondary_item_id columns,
 which activity entries can use according to whatever column they'd like.
 Contrast this with `user_id`: nearly every activity entry has an
 associated user, so we have a dedicate column for it.

 In the absence of evidence that blog_id is an overwhelmingly common
 requirement, I'm going to mark this as wontfix, because we already have
 the tools to do the necessary querying.

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