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#5185: BP Signup - spaces in username issue
 Reporter:  hnla                            |       Owner:  boonebgorges
     Type:  enhancement                     |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal                          |   Milestone:  1.9
Component:  Core                            |     Version:
 Severity:  normal                          |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:  has-patch needs-testing commit  |

Comment (by hnla):

 Ran a few test signups on bp trunk, single install / MS  - WP 3.6/3.7

 All seems pretty safe. MS doesn't seem to present any issues I could spot,
 but then in handing off to MS and following it's lead we should be ok?,
 biggest gripe there is that on failure MS error return lacks detail just
 saying ''lower case or numerals please'' nothing about the fact the actual
 problem was trying to register a space in user name, which is a shame as
 that was the original intent of ticket to attempt to make UX better but
 that's not our validation though!

 Only real problem encountered is as mentioned above:
 >So, allowing spaces in user_login will only affect people who are using

 If a name registered with a space all is well  and fine, however define
 'BP_ENABLE_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE' and we have the  minor issue that
 now we display '@joe blogs' and that can't be used as a @mention it must
 be '@joe-blogs' so users might be confused but this is surely an edge
 case? I would be happier if define didn't exist really :)

 Other than that I couldn't see any problems, not an exhaustive series of
 tests but a few different variations on both types on install.

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