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#4132: Upload profile image at activation
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Comment (by latinosamorir):


 My name is Giovanni and I own a site that uses buddypress plugin with 5800

 After 6 years of having the site and evolving with BP, and learning about
 UX, etc. I will have to agree with sooskriszta.

 The flow after removing the "Upload Avatar" reduced dramatically the
 funnel of activations and new users.

 If you look at my member directory, more than half of the users do not
 have a photo and the users on the site has become less engaged.

 A friend of mine works at Google, she's not a coder but a UX designer and
 if you're interested, I can ask her to help with the UX flow of
 registration (which needs a lot of work - based on a focus group I did).
 She got a PhD in human-machine interaction within the cognitive science

 In addition, I would love to see a revamp of the user registration
 experience to focus on growth and user on-boarding. This will help every
 other install of buddypress and not just mine.

 A great presentation about user growth can be found here:

 And a case study on how Facebook onboards its users:

 Please let me know your thoughts and if we can make this happen!

 Giovanni Dubois

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