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#3962: Address field type for extended profile
 Reporter:  sooskriszta        |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  XProfile           |     Version:  1.2
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Comment (by sooskriszta):

 Well, I can imagine "conditional" or "nested" fields in this way:
 - First the admin shall have to define a profile field as nested
 - Next, he will see options for individual fields inside there ... a bit
 like when you do multi-level bullets in Word....first you tell what is the
 top level field type, next you can say what is the 2nd level field type,
 and so on...(there shall be an "add another level" button just under where
 admin is selecting top level field type...and so on...)
 - For this to work, all the fields need to be closed (obviously). field
 types could be dropdowns, checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc
 - In addition to defining field type for each level, the admin will have
 to select condition from a dropdown (default being '=')...'=' '<>'
 - Finally for the custom field, the admin will be able to upload a csv
 whose rows would indicate level of hierarchy

 e.g. In case of address
 lets say top level = country
 2nd level = state
 3rd level = city

 the condition the user should set in the dropdowns for both 2nd and 3rd
 level is '='

 the csv would look something like this:

 canada, alberta, breton
 canada, alberta, calgary
 canada, alberta, vermillion
 canada, british colimbia, dawson creek
 canada, british colimbia, maple ridge
 canada, british colimbia, richmond
 canada, british colimbia, vancouver
 u.s.a., alabama, birmingham
 u.s.a., florida, miami
 u.s.a., florida, orlando
 ...you get the idea

 This could be used for a variety of things...addresses, departments in a
 university, specializations for doctors...

 At some point a glotpress-like mechanism could be used to maintain a
 central, collaborative database of common csv files....like for country,
 region, city...

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