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#1569: Changing username does not impact everywhere on the site
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Priority:  critical  |   Milestone:  1.2
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 I've made alot of comments on testbp.org as the user "Ezcali". Today I
 decided to change my name to "Ezd" which surely impacts in the "What's new
 Ezd" message above the status update. But all my comments are still marked
 as it was written by "Ezcali".

 This is very confusing. This means friends and other users of the
 community can discover users which are the author of multiple comments
 posted from different usernames. When in fact all those users are the one
 and same user!
 This can also confuse friends which knows you by your username and not
 your real name. A username is your identity in the community.

 When a username is changed it should impacts everywhere. This is also a
 huge problem when logging in. I still have to login using "Ezcali" even
 through my new username is Ezd.

 I think this is very confusing and critical?

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