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Jerome jeromebeta at gmail.com
Thu May 15 21:01:55 GMT 2008

thanks! Andy, hope the next build would come out soon.

I changed my wpmu from subdirectories to subdomain mode from now on, I can
not provide the test information for subdirecotries wpmu anymore.

btw, the links are still messed up on my sudomain wpmu site,

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 10:45 PM, Andy Peatling <andypeatling at automattic.com>

> On 15-May-08, at 9:46 AM, Beau Lebens wrote:
> Isn't one of the restrictions in BP one user = one blog? (if not, it should
>> be :)
> It was, but now it isn't, simply because we want to support existing
> WordPress MU installations. Here's how it works now:
> "Multiple blog support: members of your network can now sign up and run
> more than one blog. Their primary blog is used as their 'home' where they
> can manage their friends/groups/messages etc (and their profile can be
> viewed). Other blogs just contain the normal WordPress blogging features.
> Their home account stays as the first tab in their admin interface and is
> marked with a user icon."
> But what you're saying sounds right Jerome. Let's follow it through...
>> It looks like the profile page (index.php) uses the_profile_field_value()
>> to output a value.
>> That uses the data stored in a global called $field, which I think is
>> populated somewhere along the line during a call like this:
>> $this->group->fields[$i] = new BP_XProfile_Field(
>> $this->group->fields[$i]->id, $this->user_id );
>> $this->user_id at that point appears to have been populated during the
>> creation of that object, using a global called $authordata. That appears to
>> be set via WPMU (not BP), and only ever uses $post->post_author (probably in
>> this case via setup_postdata() ?).
> I believe this needs to be changed for two reasons...
>  - This method is causing issues with links for categories etc etc as
> mentioned is some previous messages
>  - If a blog has other authors, the author of the latest posts on the blog
> will define which ID is used. That's obviously not going to work.
> Instead, it needs to fetch and use the user ID for the 'primary_blog' meta
> setting in the wp_usermeta table for the current blog.
> There doesn't need to be any major architectural changes to make this
> happen, it's simply a matter of fetching the user ID and passing it to the
> right place.
> It looks like all of this triggered via a single-post query/loop in
>> bp-xprofile.php::xprofile_profile_template() which theoretically should
>> allocate the $authordata over to the author of any posts on that blog...
>> Which leads me to a question - are there *any* posts on those blogs that
>> are not showing their profile properly? I haven't done a lick of testing or
>> even run BP to see this problem in action, but following this thread it
>> would seem like if there were no posts in a blog yet, then the author would
>> never get allocated properly (and thus their profile data would not be
>> loadable).
> That's a third reason why the current way isn't going to work. :)
> Cheers
> Andy
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