[buddypress-dev] Profile Data Missing

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Thu May 15 20:45:11 GMT 2008

On 15-May-08, at 9:46 AM, Beau Lebens wrote:

> Isn't one of the restrictions in BP one user = one blog? (if not, it  
> should be :)

It was, but now it isn't, simply because we want to support existing  
WordPress MU installations. Here's how it works now:

"Multiple blog support: members of your network can now sign up and  
run more than one blog. Their primary blog is used as their 'home'  
where they can manage their friends/groups/messages etc (and their  
profile can be viewed). Other blogs just contain the normal WordPress  
blogging features. Their home account stays as the first tab in their  
admin interface and is marked with a user icon."

> But what you're saying sounds right Jerome. Let's follow it through...
> It looks like the profile page (index.php) uses  
> the_profile_field_value() to output a value.
> That uses the data stored in a global called $field, which I think  
> is populated somewhere along the line during a call like this:
> $this->group->fields[$i] = new BP_XProfile_Field( $this->group- 
> >fields[$i]->id, $this->user_id );
> $this->user_id at that point appears to have been populated during  
> the creation of that object, using a global called $authordata. That  
> appears to be set via WPMU (not BP), and only ever uses $post- 
> >post_author (probably in this case via setup_postdata() ?).

I believe this needs to be changed for two reasons...

  - This method is causing issues with links for categories etc etc as  
mentioned is some previous messages
  - If a blog has other authors, the author of the latest posts on the  
blog will define which ID is used. That's obviously not going to work.

Instead, it needs to fetch and use the user ID for the 'primary_blog'  
meta setting in the wp_usermeta table for the current blog.

There doesn't need to be any major architectural changes to make this  
happen, it's simply a matter of fetching the user ID and passing it to  
the right place.

> It looks like all of this triggered via a single-post query/loop in  
> bp-xprofile.php::xprofile_profile_template() which theoretically  
> should allocate the $authordata over to the author of any posts on  
> that blog...
> Which leads me to a question - are there *any* posts on those blogs  
> that are not showing their profile properly? I haven't done a lick  
> of testing or even run BP to see this problem in action, but  
> following this thread it would seem like if there were no posts in a  
> blog yet, then the author would never get allocated properly (and  
> thus their profile data would not be loadable).

That's a third reason why the current way isn't going to work. :)


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