[buddypress-dev] BuddyPress Status

William chengo at gmail.com
Fri May 2 05:42:51 GMT 2008

Hi there everyone, I am not sure if this will work, anyway I am a student
from the university of Sydney, me and my colleague is currently doing a
independant project based on PHP, due to our time constraints, we started
searching for existing platforms to work on and buddypress seems to be a
very nice candidate. So my question here is:

1) What is the current project status? Is the one listed on
trac.buddypress.org up to date?
2) Which functionalities is currently working or almost working?
3) With around Intermediate knowledge of PHP, how hard would it be to take
up Word Press and BuddyPress and begin work on it? Will we need to spend
alot of time getting acquainted with WordPress first?

Thanks guys, looking forward to your replies.

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