[buddypress-dev] Exchanging information about Buddypress.

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Mon Jul 14 20:56:50 GMT 2008

On 14-Jul-08, at 1:32 PM, Martin wrote:

> As some of the core components for Buddypress are stabilizing I can  
> see a need for any plug-in or theme developers on this list to  
> exchange information about the relevant functions that Buddypress  
> exposes for us to use, recent examples are things like  
> xprofile_get_avatar and bp_core_get_userlink etc.
> Instead of burdening Andy with this task (poor guy is busy enough  
> coding as it is J), I’d like to propose that the developers on this  
> list that are developing Buddypress compatible widgets, plug-ins or  
> themes (like myself) collaborate on a Wiki which could be later used  
> to form a Buddypress Codex. Would anyone else be interested on  
> helping out on this?

I can help out with any questions and contribute where possible. There  
is actually a codex already set up and ready to go.

It's a bleeding edge WordPress install at: http://codex.buddypress.org/

This should include the latest change tracking available in 2.6. You  
can sign up as a contributer here: http://codex.buddypress.org/wp/wp-register.php

Once you're signed up you can log in here: http://codex.buddypress.org/wp/wp-admin/

I think the structure could somewhat mirror a simple version of the  
WordPress codex, what does everyone think?


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