[buddypress-dev] Exchanging information about Buddypress.

Martin martin at thrive-magazine.com
Mon Jul 14 20:32:38 GMT 2008

As some of the core components for Buddypress are stabilizing I can see a
need for any plug-in or theme developers on this list to exchange
information about the relevant functions that Buddypress exposes for us to
use, recent examples are things like xprofile_get_avatar and
bp_core_get_userlink etc. 


Instead of burdening Andy with this task (poor guy is busy enough coding as
it is J ), I'd like to propose that the developers on this list that are
developing Buddypress compatible widgets, plug-ins or themes (like myself)
collaborate on a Wiki which could be later used to form a Buddypress Codex.
Would anyone else be interested on helping out on this?


If there is enough interest, what would your preferred host be? If Andy is
agreeable one possibility is part of the existing Buddypress Wiki, or we
could create a new site and upload Media Wiki (or equivalent) to it.


So what do you say, are you interested in helping document Buddypress, it
could be our way of paying Andy back for all the hard coding work he's been




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