[buddypress-dev] RE: Avatar Uploads

Andy Peatling andypeatling at automattic.com
Thu Jul 3 18:32:14 GMT 2008

On 3-Jul-08, at 11:25 AM, Andy Peatling wrote:

>> By the way, it just occurred to me that I am using sub directories  
>> not subdomains. Any one else using subdirectories?
> I've got an installation working on sub directories, I will take a  
> look at this. Also - make sure you are including the username on  
> activation otherwise images will break ... http://install.com/USERNAME/wp-activate.php?key= 
> ...

In fact, I take that back, it works fine without. I've just signed up  
on a subdir install with MU1.5.1 and avatar images seem to upload,  
crop and show up fine. Try reinstalling?


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