[buddypress-dev] Re: Is it working with WPMU 2.6?

phlux0r phlux0r at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 00:15:31 GMT 2008

Hi Brian,

yes, I am getting some action out of BuddyPress now :).

I also figured out what was happening to my first attempt (when I didn't 
see the "Profiles" link in the admin). My site home blog wasn't set as 
the default blog for the admin user! Good to keep that in mind.

Also, it was confusing to receive the 404's when logged in as admin. 
This must be intentional? Does that mean that if the admin wants to 
participate in the site community, they need to create another account 
for themselves?

Anyhow, thanks for the replies.


Brian B wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I have been testing on a new instance of 2.6 myself, so I can say for 
> sure that it will work on a existing/ working install. However, since 
> Buddypress doesn’t appear to alter existing Wordpress tables I don’t 
> see a reason for it to cause any problems. Nor have any adverse 
> affects if the plugins are removed from the MU-Plugins folder.
> I agree with you, Buddypress is amazing project. Andy (and 
> contributors) have done an incredible job with the development and 
> implementation. I have gone to bed many nights with a huge smile after 
> seeing just a simple addition was made to Buddypress.
> One note. The “home” theme should be applied to the Admin users theme. 
> If it isn’t and the “default” theme is used it will display 404 errors 
> when logged on as “Admin”. Any other user will work fine. The good 
> news, when a  user creates an account the “Default” theme is applied. 
> From my understanding the home theme is just a place holder, with a 
> bit of functionality. (blog, register, login, etc.)
> - Brian
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