[buddypress-dev] Re: Is it working with WPMU 2.6?

Brian B brian.brey at nxtstudios.com
Wed Aug 20 00:06:01 GMT 2008

Hi Robert, 

I have been testing on a new instance of 2.6 myself, so I can say for sure
that it will work on a existing/ working install. However, since Buddypress
doesn¹t appear to alter existing Wordpress tables I don¹t see a reason for
it to cause any problems. Nor have any adverse affects if the plugins are
removed from the MU-Plugins folder.

I agree with you, Buddypress is amazing project. Andy (and contributors)
have done an incredible job with the development and implementation. I have
gone to bed many nights with a huge smile after seeing just a simple
addition was made to Buddypress.

One note. The ³home² theme should be applied to the Admin users theme. If it
isn¹t and the ³default² theme is used it will display 404 errors when logged
on as ³Admin². Any other user will work fine. The good news, when a  user
creates an account the ³Default² theme is applied. From my understanding the
home theme is just a place holder, with a bit of functionality. (blog,
register, login, etc.)

- Brian

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