[buddypress-dev] Re: Is it working with WPMU 2.6?

phlux0r phlux0r at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 21:55:09 GMT 2008

Hi Brian,

thanks for the thumbs up. I just tried a brand new install of WPMu2.6 + 
BuddyPress latest download (not SVN) and I can see the "Profiles" link 
now in the Site Admin. This was not available when I installed 
BuddyPress on another Mu2.6 install which had a few blogs already. Not 
sure if the sequence of installing things matter here? Also, is it 
essential to install the BuddyPress theme for the setup to execute 
correctly (as I haven't done that for my original install)...

Lucky that I'm at the early stages of my project so I can just reinstall 
my client development site from scratch and get BuddyPress going.

The question is, is there a caveat when installing BuddyPress on and 
existing WPMu install? Can it be added if a WPMu site is in "full swing" 
or is that a risk at this stage?

Ahh, the life on the razor's edge, eh :).

Thanks for the good work though. I'm looking forward to my experience 
with this software.


Brian B wrote:
> I’m using WPMU 2.6 and everything works as expected.. What issues are 
> you having?  Keep in mind that not all functionality has been 
> completed. Please check the previous posts and the Roadmap for details..
> Andy (Buddypress’s king developer) is running on 2.6 as well for his 
> test site.. Check it out http://testdrivewpmu.com/
> Cheers!
> Brian
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