[buddypress-dev] features in backend?

Jed Barish jed at deafnation.com
Fri Aug 15 21:18:21 GMT 2008

Thanks for the info! My vlog application is based on a webcam recorder player built-in the backend to record different videos directly to wp. It has several options to set up in different ressolutions, sizes, color and style of players and post on their blogs.

Im going to start the wpmu hosting with buddypress features and my apps soon as beta testing in public. Love wordpress due to lots of excellent mods better than facebook's apps :)


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A video plugin that works quite well in MU is here:<br>
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://www.daburna.de/blog/2006/12/13/wordpress-video-plugin/">http://www.daburna.de/blog/2006/12/13/wordpress-video-plugin/</a><br>
<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://wpmututorials.com">http://wpmututorials.com</a><br>
Brian L. Brey wrote:
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  <title>[buddypress-dev] features in backend?</title>
  <font size="5"><font face="Lucida Grande"><span
 style="font-size: 10pt;">Hey Jed - <br>
Some of the back-end menu items are disabled in the code. &nbsp;I haven&#8217;t
tested it myself yet, but you may want to uncomment the ones you see
fit.. <br>
I&#8217;m looking for a video plugin myself. Are you willing share the plugin
you created?<br>
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