[wp-ui] Why are we using a maillist?

Jeff Olson inetwebguy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 16:21:09 UTC 2010

WIthout sounding, "trendy" Yammer might be another alternative. Mobile push
alerts with new messages, a per-message or digest email and public/private

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 11:03 AM, Emil Payne <EHSPayne at angelwoodpines.org>wrote:

> I read my RSS feeds in my mail program - Thunderbird.  So I don't have the
> problem of not checking my feed reader that often.
> However, I also vote for (knowing this is NOT a democracy) changing to a
> forum after introductory stuff is worked out.
> Are these list messages being archived somewhere?
> Please either DON'T use bbpress forums or change it so that each and every
> message subject is NOT prefixed by the author name.  That totally kills any
> attempt to sort messages by subject since the subject line (in the
> newsreader/ Thunderbird, is now changed.
> I have totally stopped reading and helping people at the wordpress forums
> for that very reason.  I set the reader to show the full web page rather
> than just the individual post so I can see the thread.  Even when I kill
> duplicates I will get a list of maybe 5 duplicates messages because the
> subject was
> {authour1} subject 1
> and is now
> {authour2} subject 1
> And because of the different anchors in the messages, the reader can't tell
> that they are the same.
> Even with individual messages, trying to follow a conversation when you
> can't sort by subject nor thread is a total pain.
> All posts asking about this have been ignored over there (WordPress
> Forums).
> Talk about a UI/UX nightmare!
> Emil
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