[wp-ui] Why are we using a maillist?

Emil Payne EHSPayne at angelwoodpines.org
Thu Jan 28 16:03:53 UTC 2010

I read my RSS feeds in my mail program - Thunderbird.  So I don't have 
the problem of not checking my feed reader that often.

However, I also vote for (knowing this is NOT a democracy) changing to a 
forum after introductory stuff is worked out.

Are these list messages being archived somewhere?

Please either DON'T use bbpress forums or change it so that each and 
every message subject is NOT prefixed by the author name.  That totally 
kills any attempt to sort messages by subject since the subject line (in 
the newsreader/ Thunderbird, is now changed.

I have totally stopped reading and helping people at the wordpress 
forums for that very reason.  I set the reader to show the full web page 
rather than just the individual post so I can see the thread.  Even when 
I kill duplicates I will get a list of maybe 5 duplicates messages 
because the subject was
{authour1} subject 1
and is now
{authour2} subject 1
And because of the different anchors in the messages, the reader can't 
tell that they are the same.

Even with individual messages, trying to follow a conversation when you 
can't sort by subject nor thread is a total pain.

All posts asking about this have been ignored over there (WordPress Forums).

Talk about a UI/UX nightmare!


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