[wp-ui] Introduction

Rafael Poveda - RaveN raven at raven.es
Mon Jan 25 11:54:08 UTC 2010

Hello there. 

I'm Rafael Poveda, also known as RaveN or bi0xid in forums, trac & IRC. 

I'm lead programmer in Mecus, a company who only works with WordPress, WordPress MU & BuddyPress (we are listed in CodePoet :P).

I'm not designer, but I can contribute with anything you need programming (functions, rewriting...). You can see some of our works in: || http://mecus.es || http://centro.us.es/facpsi || http://grupojoly.com || http://www.eventoblog.com || http://blogs.canalsur.es || http://blogs.diariodesevilla.es || http://blogs.elalmeria.es
Rafael Poveda <RaveN> | Mecus.es
raven at mecus.es | raven at raven.es
gtalk: rafael.poveda

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