[wp-ui] Introduction

Emmanuel Mwangi emm at cloudbring.com
Mon Jan 25 03:58:34 UTC 2010


I'm Emmanuel Mwangi.  I'm front-end developer and product manager for
DoBidder.com and other sites.  Many of my projects use Wordpress.  I'm
mainly here to lurk and see how the UI is being developed since I'm a bit
too busy with other projects to take on another.  I am however, available if
you need someone to test out a build or a fresh pair of eyes on a problem.

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out as I'm really interested in
Open Source in user interfaces and visual design projects.  Wordpress is a
project with massive exposure and I'm looking seeing how it gets worked out
and developed.  I'm really interested in the tools that we have as visual
designers for software and how they scale for larger, more complex projects.

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