[wp-ui] First steps

Andrea Mignolo pnts at protocol7.net
Thu Jan 21 04:57:18 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea Mignolo, though most people call me pnts (pants).   
I'm an interaction, interface, and visual designer at Eastmedia (http://eastmedia.com 
), a New York-based Rails shop specializing in web and mobile apps.   
I'm involved in projects from the initial stages to completion in an  
IxD, UX, UI design role - discovery, research, sketching, wireframing,  
prototyping, mockups, and front-end design and development.

I've been using WordPress since version 1.2 - I used WordPress to  
implement the first community blog features at Free Speech TV years  
ago (the site was eventually moved to Drupal).  Since then I've  
continued to use WP for both personal projects and in my freelance  
work.  A somewhat outdated portfolio can be found at http://andreamignolo.com 
, and my personal blog using WP is at http://protocol7.net.

I'm excited to see where open source design can go, and am looking  
forward to contributing anywhere I can.  I'd love to see the "janky"  
page ordering implementation finally addressed, and I'd like to dive  
into the media uploader/manager/related bits more.  And also more  
nuanced admin interface for navigating sites with a large number of  
pages (especially those that have multiple hierarchies of pages)...

Good to meet you all, looking forward to what 2010 brings :)



Andrea Mignolo
Protocol 7

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