[wp-ui] Introduction

Neil Petrunia neilpet at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 19 21:01:30 UTC 2010

Greetings all!

My name is Neil Petrunia. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and run a  
small design/production house here. I have also been a sessional  
instructor in the Design program at the Alberta College of Art +  
Design (ACAD).

I admit to being a relative newcomer to WordPress, but I am fast  
becoming evangelical about the potential this app has for bringing  
about a paradigm shift in web usability. Many of my students are  
interested in having their own websites, but are hugely intimidated by  
the prospect of building a site from scratch, then having to populate  
it with portfolio material. Additionally, they have a hard time  
understanding why it isn't enough to just 'throw it out there' and  
then wait for some undetermined response. Thinking of WP as not so  
much a blogging tool, but as a CMS/networking tool gives them a way to  
see the push-pull nature of the program.

I see WP as the CMS tool they have been waiting for, as it gives those  
who are moderately versed in CSS and PHP a tool to set up a quickly  
interactive portfolio/catalog site. I'm probably going to be a lurker  
until I figure out what I can offer, but I will say that since I work  
on visual design projects for a living, I'll help with anything I can  
offer in the way of visual commentary.

I also have experience writing technical documentation, so can offer  
those skills as an editor/writer if the need arises. I'm good at  
playing the 'monkey in front of the keyboard', and can do usability  
testing. If it can be broken, I can break it, then describe what I did  
to break it. (g)



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