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Moshe Morris at Strategy Web Designs moshe at strategywebdesigns.com
Tue Jan 19 19:49:33 UTC 2010


My name is Moshe Morris.  I started off running an online e-commerce shop
for my father, moved over to doing research and consulting on website
marketing and eventually settled down on web design and development.  I am
in the process of starting a Web Design and Development firm.  You can see
my (not quite ready to go live) site here:
http://www.strategywebdesigns.com/ (btw, the site is, of course, done in

I don't usually do the designs myself, but rather oversee the projects
working with a variety of designers and developers.  I can work with those
designers (and, if needbe, developers) for work on this project as well as
offer my own insights and opinions (for whatever they are worth).

In terms of the scope of this group - I must admit that my initial interest
was in continuing the work done in Wordpress 2.7.  While I think it was a
major step forward, it still doesn't meet my needs.  I use Wordpress as a
CMS and I find the present design limiting in that aspect.  I have put a lot
of thought into how to improve upon the design in that regard and would love
to work on that.

With that said, I definitely understand the points mentioned earlier about
the fact that this group is just starting out and that there are already a
lot of major changes planned for 3.0.  I still think, though, that the group
should be open in the relatively new future to the fact that there may be
many users of Wordpress who would like to see further improvements to the
general UI.

For now, though, I'm willing to hear what is on the plate for the near
future and to see how I can be of assistance.

All the best,

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