[wp-testers] Problem upgrading to RC1

Brian Layman wp-testers at thecodecave.com
Tue Nov 27 16:57:16 UTC 2012

I've not been following closely enough to know if this is a reported 
issue or not.

On two of the sites I've upgraded to 3.5 (one on the last beta and one 
on rc1) that were running wc3, I could not get back into the wp-admin.  
Every time I tried to get into the admin, it gave me a message saying 
the database was already upgraded and hitting continue then took me to 
the home page for that site.  The solution to it seemed to be to rename 
all the w3tc files and dirs to disable the plugin and rename them back 
once I got into the admin successfully.  This could be a problem as many 
larger site are running w3tc and may not disable/upgrade it before 
getting 3.5.

Brian Layman

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