[wp-testers] Custom post-type, custom taxonomies and menus

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It's hard for me to type because I just had surgery on my wrist so forgive me for not completely explaining but you should really check out this cool article that was just posted on nettus:



> Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 11:20:07 +1100
> From: lox.dev at knc.nc
> To: wp-testers at lists.automattic.com
> Subject: [wp-testers] Custom post-type, custom taxonomies and menus
> Hello,
> I am investigating the new post-type functionality.
> I have managed to add, using a plug-in, a custom post-type with a
> custom taxonomy. That is really nice. I also found the option to have
> my new post-type's posts and my taxonomies items to be available in
> the new custom menu manager.
> But, I still miss the ability to add a menu entry to the root my new
> taxonomy, ex: I add two items for my custom taxonomy: "category 1" and
>  "category 2". I then go' to my custom menu. I can link to "category
> 1" and  "category 2" but not to the root of the taxonomy with should
> display post from "category 1" AND from "category 2". Also please note
> that the rewrite rule for such a page is not created either.
> Explanation:
> with a custom taxonomy called taxo, with a rewrite parameter set to
> 'taxo/category'
> - http://mysite.com/taxo/category/category_1 correctly shows posts
> from category 1
> - http://mysite.com/taxo/category/ shows a 404 error instead of all
> posts of the taxonomy
> That said, I also miss a page that lists all taxonomies. I know I can
> do a custom post template with a php function that does it, but in the
> scope of creating a plugin that provides a custom post-type, it can't
> be achieved (correct if I am wrong)
> Basically here is an example of the behavior I expect to have with
> custom post type:
> Having:
> - a custom post-type called Folio and a custom taxonomy for it called
> "Categories for Folio"
> - the first has a rewrite parameter set to 'folio' the second has a
> rewrite parameter set to folio/category
> Current behavior (WP 3.0 Rc1)
> => http://mysite.com/folio shows all posts of any taxonomy, but cannot
> be linked to in a custom menu
> => http://mysite.com/folio/item1  shows me the item1 post correctly
> => http://mysite.com/folio/category/test shows me the test category
> => http://mysite.com/folio/category/ shows me 404 not found and can't
> be linked to from the menu manager
> Ideal goal
> My ideal goal would be:
> => http://mysite.com/folio lists all taxonomies for the post type folio
> => http://mysite.com/folio/category lists all 'category' taxonomy
> items first and then all posts attached to taxonomy root
> => http://mysite.com/folio/category/category1 lists first all
> sub-taxonomies of all 'category1' and then all post of category1 of
> folio taxonomy
> => http://mysite.com/folio/category/mypost shows the post 'mypost'
> witch is in folio taxonomy, test item
> And all those have to be available as items in the menu manager
> Is that goal reachable ?
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