[wp-testers] Custom post type disappears when a post is un-published

Stephen Hammer sh.hoboy at gmail.com
Thu May 27 21:06:26 UTC 2010

More info, perhaps relevant, perhaps not:

--I get the same behavior on another site on a different server--changing the status using the Quick Edit menu trashes the custom post_type and sets it to generic post instead

--in the DB I DON'T get two autodraft entries, just a single one plus however many revisions I have made.

--On both sites I am using Custom Post Type UI and also Custom Field Template 1.6.5, which otherwise seem to play nicely together

--***Both sites were UPGRADED from 2.9.2, not clean installs, on a clean install I don't get the problem either.***

Want to try this on an upgraded site?  I'm wondering if the autodraft thing is a new feature put in 3.0 to support custom types, and it somehow isn't getting altered when you are coming from an earlier version.


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> Installed a fresh copy of 3.0beta2, installed Custom Post Type UI 0.5.2, 
> created a post type of artists exactly like yours, and tried many variations 
> of creating an artist, making it draft, changing to published, and could not 
> duplicate your problem, using both Edit and Quick Edit.
> Again using default permalinks, no plugins, with standard TwentyTen theme.
> Not sure how the observation from Frumph impacts though I've got the same 
> setting for rewrite as you (set by the plugin Custom Post Type UI 0.5.2.
> Wonder if the auto-draft thing is part of this problem?  I got two 
> auto-drafts saved for the artists post.  One had a post_type of post and one 
> had a post_type of artists, but it did NOT cause me any problem.
> Note: You should not need to put any code in your theme's functions.php if 
> you are using the plugin to create the post type.
> MichaelH

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