[wp-testers] change of behavior when trying to load a feed for a multi-blog/site that doesn't exist

Jim McQuillan jim at jimmcq.com
Mon May 10 20:04:04 UTC 2010

I have a plugin that adds a custom feed that returns information about the
blog in a multi-blog subdirectory environment (MU).  For example the feed
URI for a blog named "validblog" would be /validblog/?feed=blogstatus

When hitting that feed for a blog that doesn't exist, Wordpress MU 2.9.2
would instead load the feed for the "primary" blog (/?feed=blogstatus).

This behavior has changed in Wordpress 3.0 beta 2 so that trying to hit a
feed for a blog that doesn't exists will return the "Sorry, but you are
looking for something that isn't here" message instead.

Is this the correct behavior for a feed?

I've tracked down the change to a line of code that was commented out in the
set_404 function of wp-includes/query.php

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